Red Bull giving wings to Easter

Red Bull has organized an Easter hunt with a twist. It has set out 1000 special trial packages of its new taste products across Sweden, with 25 in Stockholm. The clues are photos of the 1000 locations. The top ten contestants will receive additional prizes.

Sounds like a classic promotion with wings. What is interesting is how imaginative and resourceful the treasure seekers have been. The main tool has been to use Google Maps’ “Street view”. One contestant found seven stashes within 90 minutes; cycling from location to location using his smartphone. He avoided wasted journeys by getting friends to check possible locations. Those at picked sites find a polite sign.

This Easter hunt is another example of Red Bull’s well-established native marketing campaigns. It is one of the best at it. The results? Heightened awareness. Alignment with the brand’s values, associated with competition, adventure, daring, determination and sport. Free media mentions and increased traffic to its website. Finally a cost effective means to ensure trial of its new product tastes by its target consumer segment. Expect to see sales and profits take a lift.

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